Brief introduction
Jiangsu Qingtuo Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in economic development zone of Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, China, which is covered an area of 250,000 square meters, with a registered capital of RMB 101.3 million, The predecessor of the company is Qingjiang Tractor Factory, which was founded in 1970. It ever was one of the key national projects, the backone of the machinery industry, one of the major manufacturing enterprises of middle and large horsepower wheeled tractors at home and abroad. Our company is one of high and new tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province with wheeled tractor engineering...

JS-K1804 Tractor
JS-K1304 Tractor
JSD-1404 Tractor
JS-1204A Tractor
JS-1004 Tractor
JS-1000 Tractor
JS-954 Tractor
JS-950 Tractor
JS-904 Tractor
JS-900 Tractor
JS-854 Tractor
JS-850 Tractor
JS-804 Tractor
JS-800 Tractor
JS-804P Tractor
JS-800P Tractor
JS-750H Tractor
JS-754P Tractor
JS-750P Tractor
JS-704 Tractor
JS-700 Tractor
JS-654 Tractor
JS-650 Tractor
JS-604 Tractor
JS-600 Tractor
JS-554 Tractor
JS-550 Tractor
JS-504 Tractor
JS-500 Tractor
JS-554P Tractor
JS-550P Tractor
JS-504P Tractor
JS-500P Tractor
JS-354D Tractor
JS-350D Tractor
JS-304D Tractor
JS-300D Tractor
JS-454 Tractor
JS-450 Tractor
JS-404 Tractor
JS-400 Tractor
JS-404A Tractor
JS-400A Tractor
JS-354 Tractor
JS-350 Tractor
JS-304A Tractor
JS-300A Tractor
Copyright: Jiangsu Qingtuo Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.   Add: No.58 Qingdao Road,Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province 223005, China
//www.wngrm.icu   Web site for the record number: Sue ICP for 18023757
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